All Wrapped Up

The sheets feel smooth over my freshly shaven legs as I crawl into bed. My limbs are heavy and my heart is tired. I close my eyes and pull the blankets tight around me –blocking out the bit of the winter air, warming myself so quickly I get goosebumps. And, for just a moment, it’s…Read more »

Self Care

The smell after a summer rain. That crisp breeze that makes you feel like you can breath again. Your favorite drink; tea or perhaps a hard cider. Putting your feet up. Comfort food for your mind. Music, movies, stories…. that just make you smile. No angst. Just joy.

A Storm

This big unnamed oppressive entity In the air, thick and cloying It may be The End of something I once thought was important Or perhaps That tangible pressure is like the wind before a storm And when the rain falls The release will be cathartic and beautiful


You know every word in my heart I try to see yours, You keep hidden behind frosted glass  Never knowing if I’ve made a huge mistake by letting you in  Until it’s too late.

The Lake 

It’s cold, and the water Is so deep I just keep sinking deeper The frigid liquid fills my lungs until they burn I cry but my tears are lost  Floating out and away from me Forgotten. Reaching for you, I keep looking Hoping you’ll throw me a rope  Pull me up But I only keep sinking…Read more »

A Pit

There are certain types of emptiness… Some can be filled by anything that causes momentary happiness. Some are soothed by the mere presence of those you care about. And then there are others… where you build up a deficit of something desperately needed. Affection. Interest. Desire. Those particular voids are much trickier. They tend to…Read more »

A Moment 

He tilted his head back against the cold steel, eyes closed, and felt his stomach swoop as the elevator ascended. It moved quickly and smoothly, the way you only find in expensive buildings. He took a deep breath to center himself, this moment’s reprieve the only one he’ll likely get today. Calloused fingers snagged his…Read more »